The Stand Up Pouch – Origins Part 2

The classic stand up pouch has excellent standing abilities on a shop shelf and the end user can reseal it airtight very easily – making it an excellent option for retailers and their customers alike.


Invented in 1962 by French businessman Louis Doyen, the Stand Up Pouch was initially intended as a packaging for fruit juices and olives, although it has gone on to see an increasing range of applications – especially the last 15 years.


It is also commonly known as the Doy Pouch – named after its inventor.


It can be made out of all the material compositions used by The Bag Broker, and we offer it as a stock item in both shiny (PET), matte (MOPP) and natural Kraft in sizes ranging from a 28g pouch (well suited for small quantities of spices, coffee, tea or other product samples) up to 1kg pouches.


As a custom, here at The Bag Broker we make it bigger still, with the biggest size available being a 3kg size.


The stand up pouch is made from 2 different reels of film, one for the front and the back, and a separate one for the bottom gusset. The stand up pouches are formed continually, and abreast.


When making the pouch, the front and back pieces are folded so one side is above each other, the zipper is concurrently added and welded into place.


Subsequently, the folded bottom piece is inserted, welded into place with a specialised tool featuring a special pattern, adding strength to the bottom piece. Then, the side seams are welded together, the tear notches are stamped out, and the pouches are finally cut in middle of the side seam and a winning pouch is born.


On the forming machine, we can also add additional features in line such as hang holes and the like. If a valve is needed, this is however added after the pouch is formed.


The Stand Up Pouch has several unique selling points;


  • Firstly, the specially welded bottom ensures that it stands very well.


  • Secondly, it presents no less than two very wide uninterrupted surfaces for your marketing message. As standard practice, our stand up pouches are all fitted with a zipper, not just offering the option for the end user to reseal an opened pouch, but also to give the producer the option to close and seal a bag without needing to use heat sealing equipment. We’ve also found this saves packaging time.


  • Finally, it not only presents a very cost effective solution to the need for a self-standing package, it is also increasingly popular as an innovative format in which to mail products to customers.


It can be designed to fit through a standard UK mailbox, thus giving you a cost effective way of distributing your product to your customer. We offer most of our stand up pouches with an optional valve, meaning that it’s ideal for use as coffee packaging.


In case you haven’t quite guessed it yet, we kind of like our Stand Up Pouches here at The Bag Broker and this month, until the end of March, we’re offering an additional 5% discount on any pouch ordered from the stand up range.


To take us up on it, simply mention this blog post when ordering!

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