Custom Food Packaging & Printed Bags

Growing your brand with custom packaging is an important step in the growth of your business. Whether it’s personalised coffee bags or pouches, tea bags or food bags, we do our best to make the process as smooth as possible and we assist you every step of the way. 

We love hearing our customers’ success stories and we are proud of being a part of it. Getting a no-obligation quote from us could be the first step towards your success story too!

Digital Printing

If you are ready to move away from manually applying labels to your bags but 10.000 units is a bit too much, digital printing is the solution:

  • Minimum order quantity starting at 3000 units
  • Lead time 10-12 weeks once artwork is approved
  • No color limits
  • No print drums or hidden charges.
Hot Foil

Hot Stamp

If you are interested in a clean and simple design, hot stamp can be the solution for you:

  • Minimum order quantity starting at 3000 units
  • Lead time 4-6 weeks
  • Price depends on the size of the hot stamp
  • 1 color for each hot stamp.

Rotogravure Printing

Roto printing is the most common type of printing used for flexible packaging. It involves engraving the artwork into print drums.
It is a high speed, high-quality printing process.

  • Minimum order quantity starts at 10,000 units
  • Lead time 13-16 weeks once artwork is approved
  • Color capability: 10 colors
  • Given the high minimum order quantity this is often the cheapest option for a high quality bag.

If you are not convinced about the best option for you, don’t worry. Our team has more than 15 years of experience, and they will assist, answer all your inquiries and suggest the best options for your product.


Frequently asked questions

What process is involved with custom packaging?

Custom packaging involves digitally printing a branded design onto a base material before converting the material into a final packaging product. It is a great option for FMCG businesses which require large quantities of packaging, custom finishes or are looking for a lower per-unit price.

How can I create my own custom packaging?

There are two main ways to produce your custom packaging and the choice ultimately rests on your design experience. Graphic designers are trained with the expertise to turn your ideas into a reality, mocking up designs in the correct format, colours and style for us to then print.

Alternatively, if you feel confident enough to design your own packaging, going down this route could not only save you a lot of money but will also give you the flexibility to make your own design decisions.

What are some of the key things to remember when designing my own custom packaging?

It can be easy to make mistakes during the design process so, as a general guide, the most important things to remember when finalising your artwork designs are:

  • Font
  • Font size
  • Colour scheme
  • Image sizes
  • Nutritional information
  • Overall resolution of the design

Does the packaging material I choose affect how the design will look?

Yes, the material you choose to print your branding onto will affect its overall look and feel. Matte textures and darker materials, for example, will make colours appear more subdued, while glossier, brighter materials will make colours appear a lot more impactful. Therefore, it’s important to consider this during the design process.

How much does custom packaging cost?

The total price for custom packaging really depends on the quantities, artwork, materials and printing method you require, so it’s difficult to state one exact price. If, however, you would like to receive a free, no obligation quote for your custom packaging, please do not hesitate to contact our team at your earliest convenience.