The Side Gusset Bag is an undoubtedly attractive flexible packaging solution

The Side Gusset Bag is an undoubtedly attractive flexible packaging solution.

Considered by many to be the workhorse of the packaging industry because of its relative low cost of production and purchase, Side Gusset Bags are still able to offer excellent shelf life for good packaging within.

Plus, as an added bonus, if custom design is your bag then having four sides instead of the usual two – with other bag options – means you are well placed to make the most of your marketing opportunities.

Seen by many as the classic standard of coffee packaging, with the longest history of any bag format held in stock (by us at least) and although it has been partly replaced by the stand up pouches and the box bottom bags, it nevertheless still offers a strong solution – be it in retail or wholesale environment.


One of the bags most favoured characteristics is that it protects its contents very well. This is because it’s made with a foil barrier and when heat sealed, the shelf life offered by this bag is absolutely top-of-the-line.

The bag is printed and formed from a single reel of material, meaning it is less complex to manufacturer than, say, our Box Bottom Bags or Stand Up Pouches. Meaning, production costs for this bag type per-kilo-of-coffee-packed are one of the most attractive in the range.

The material for the bag is printed, laminated, cut to the correct width and then simply formed. A one-way valve or a tin tie is added after the bag itself has been manufactured as a separate production step. Alternatively, we have a great range of tin ties that can be purchased which compliment these bags very well.

Tamper proof

The Side Gusset bag offers a no-frills solution with the focus on protecting your product as well as possible against the damaging influences of oxygen and moisture. Moreover, with a destruction-strength heat seal, it also offers a strong protection against tampering of your products.

In this configuration, the bag cannot be resealed due to the omission of the Ziplock that is offered on our Stand Up Pouches. So, the intention is that they either put the product into an air-tight container or use it fairly rapidly after purchasing.


We do however offer a 250g Side Gusset natural kraft bag with a tin tie attached. Although a tin tie does not offer a completely airtight seal, it nevertheless helps keep the product fresh inside, and prevent spillage if the bag should turn over after opening – a particular detail which is valued if sold for the retail environment.

Moreover, we sell a wide array of tin ties intended for use with bags without zipper, giving our customers the ability to add this closure option to the bags themselves.

It is still used in a retail setting, where the classic format presents well at the store shelf.

Where it shines though is in the wholesale setting – where the inability to re-seal the bag without access to heat sealing equipment is of less concern, as the product inside is consumed very fast.

Our best-selling item overall here at The Bag Broker is the classic one side gusset bag with valve in natural kraft – a bag which has proved immensely popular year on year.

Having our factories nearby, we are able to produce the side gusset bag in a wide variety of finishes, including shiny PET, matt MOPP, and also the classic natural kraft.

Even a matt spot varnish giving a partial matt and partial shining effect can be made.

If ordered as a custom item, we can print the bag in up to 10 different colours and the minimums can be as low as 10,000 bags per side per design.

In summary, the unique sales points for this bag are that it looks classic, offers an excellent price/performance match, while it at the same time protects the product inside very well.

Our stock range is naturally fitted with the WIPF one-way valve for use for our coffee customers.

The Bag Broker keeps a wide variety of side gusset bags in stock, with sizes ranging from 250g all the way up to 5kg.

We offer a huge selection of colours, ranging from shiny red over shiny black, gold, natural kraft, matt black and matt white. The 250g side gusset bag in natural kraft is as mentioned before fitted with a tin tie, making it resealable as it comes from the box.

(if you think you may have missed those already, please ring your Account Manager who will be able to help!)

Until next month!

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