Box Bottom Bag – Origins Part 4

The Box Bottom bag
is one of our rising stars having been introduced in relatively recent times, compared to our other bag styles. It has grown in favour for its unique blend of usability, flexible features and strong retail value.

Unlike our other bag styles, The Side Gusset and Stand Up Pouch, The Box Bottom bag takes the advantages from across the range to deliver a unique solution. Coupling the high protective benefits due to its metallised foil barrier added to our laminate.

Two rolls of material are used to make Box Bottom Bags, which are printed, laminated separately and manufactured by using one real for the front, rear and base; with the sides using the second roll.

The independently welded base provides unparalleled self-standing qualities. A very real benefit for use in the retail sector who also benefit from a thinner frame than the Stand Up Pouch, which is broader and results in complete maximisation of the available retail shelf space on offer. Also, the bag is attractive, especially if printed as a custom design offering four sides for a strong marketing and sales message to be communicated to the end user.

Couple this unique design and benefits with the option to have our innovative Rip Zip resealing solution the contents can be kept fresh for longer. Something we’ve found the end user values.

This works by having the contents filled from the top of the bag and then heat-sealed closed. The Rip Zip provides a tab, which can be peeled away to expose the Rip Zip re-seal mechanism; which can then be opened and resealed as required. We also offer the fitting of our WIPF W-009 valve, which is unique to The Bag Broker.

While the Box Bottom is in many ways the modern alternative, it’s not restricted to modern ways.

Using our custom service allows you to tailor the bag completely to your needs. For example, you can opt to have them with our tin tie’s instead of the rip zip, for a more traditional feel.

You can purchase bags in a wide range of finishes. Shiny PET, Matt MOPP or for the rustic feel our exceptional Natural Kraft, which uses the very best kraft paper, finished in either brown or our new white.

If you want to tailor the bags, our custom solutions are the way to go which can provide up to 10 printed colours to make your bags stand out. As with all of our custom designs, we start as low as 10,000 bags per custom design.

In summary, if you need to provide your end user with a truly exceptional product to package your products, you need not look any further than this complete solution and as with all of our products, they are offered at exceptionally good prices when taking into account quality.

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