Best Value Packaging – Rewind Films Now Get To You Even Faster

Printed Laminated Roll Film

Sick of over-priced options for your packaging? Look no further.

The Bag Broker understands that your business needs a high quality, price-competitive alternative — Rewind Films are the answer.

They are:

– Printed to the highest possible standards on small MOQ flexogravure machines.

– All the materials used meet FDA, EU and German safety standards for food packaging.

– Fully customizable in terms of size, width, thickness and materials choices.

– Flexible MOQ. Fast turnaround time in the EU (normally within 4 weeks)

We have multiple types of Rewind Films on offer: 
High Barrier 3-ply Foil Rewind, Medium Barrier 3-ply Foil Rewind and 2-ply Metalized Film.


There are many materials choices as well. See the chart below:

Outer Layer


Inner Liner

PET (Glossy)

AL (Aluminium)


 MOPP (Matte)


Easy Peel LLDPE

Kraft (Natural or White)








Please Contact Us for details.  Our friendly staff will assist you with any questions you may have.


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