Terms of Trade

The Bag Broker is a broker only. We accept and settle all claims and disputes in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.  
Actual shipment volumes may vary up to 10% in either direction from the pro forma invoice amount. The order will be settled based on actual shipped volumes.

Any quotes have a defined validity only. This validity will never exceed 30 calendar days. All pricing may be revised without prior notice. 

Payment by T/T:  
When paying by T/T, a 50% deposit must be paid before printing commences. Please note that artwork processing can take place before the 50% deposit is paid. Once the order ships and proof of shipment is forwarded, the final 50% must be settled. The order will not be released from the freight forwarder, until the balance is settled. 

All price quotes are in Euros. However, when settling by T/T, the UK GBP or Euro can be accepted. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the correct amount is remitted. 

Payment by L/C: 

The Bag Broker accepts payment by T/T and by L/C; however, L/C’s are not accepted for amounts below US$20,000. All L/C’s issued to us must be transferable and divisible. Moreover, The Bag Broker only accepts 100% at sight L/C.