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Packaging designed for coffee

When we designed our stock coffee packaging range we had to think of a few key aspects that our bags would need to cover:

  1. Preserve the freshness of your coffee. We accomplish that with a high moisture, oxygen and light barrier that is essential to preserve the quality of your coffee beans.
  2. Ensure the bags won’t burst when the carbon dioxide is pushed out. We accomplish this by using only Swiss WicoValves in all our bags which are considered to be the most reliable valves in the world.
  3. Touch and feel. Your customers will first touch and feel your packaging before tasting the coffee. It’s important to give a great first impression.
  4. It’s all about you and your product. We keep our stock products as clean as possible with no logos and almost no text. We offer custom printing with unlimited options where you can personalise your packaging as much as you’d like.
All the bags in our range of stock coffee packaging bags have a simple but clever and classic design that just works. It provides protection for your beans and grinds but also keeps the flavor intact for every single brew. You can seal all our bags with our range of heat sealers or for more information don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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