Why should you package your product in a pouch?

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Pouch packaging is becoming increasingly popular across a variety of industries, due to the versatility is delivers compared to other packaging options. The customisation makes this type of packaging great for a wide range of industries, from frozen foods, coffee beans or dried goods to even liquids or bath products. But what benefits can pouches provide for your business? We’ve compiled some of the key advantages that pouch packaging can deliver for you and your customers.


Stand-up pouches are incredibly adaptable in terms of the options for customisation, not just in shape but also size and the materials used for the packaging. They’re a lightweight solution to your packaging needs and they also take up minimal space, which is great for storage and transportation. Pouches, whether plastic or paper, use less resources than other types of packaging, like tins or tubs, so they’re great if you’re looking to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging too.


Pouches, when made with high-quality barrier materials, deliver a superior shelf life for your products and they can also be made clear to showcase the products within. They protect the food within from moisture, oxygen, UV light and dust, to maintain the quality and ensure that it lasts as long as possible without deteriorating. For food-based businesses, finding ways to preserve food or ingredients to keep them shelf-stable and provide customers with a high-quality product is key, which pouches can help with.


More and more companies are considering ways that they can take on greener practices to reduce the impact they, and in turn their customers, have on the planet. In addition to being practical for businesses, pouches are also better for the environment, as you can optimise their recyclability. Whether you choose an eco-friendlier material or you customise them to suit their end-of-life use, such as making them reusable for more than just single-use, they can be a great option for reducing your carbon footprint, both for businesses and consumers.


Pouches offer a clear and easy way for nutritional or marketing information to be displayed, making it a great opportunity to display your branding that will make your products stand out among competitors. In a retail setting, having a distinctive brand is key to reaching your target audience and expanding your reach, and pouch packaging can aid this. There are different types of printing to choose from, from digital printing methods to Rotogravure printing which is ideally suited to flexible packaging and adapts well to all different sizes of packaging.


One of the greatest advantages to using pouch packaging for your products is that it’s incredibly user-friendly. Consumers simply tear open the pouch, take out what they need and then reseal to protect the remaining product from moisture and air. It makes it easy for customers to just use what they need, rather than having to use everything at once, so they can stagger the use of the product. What’s more, it makes it easier for people for on-the-go use too, without having to worry about compromising the freshness of the product.

Pouches are a flexible way to package your products, whatever industry or niche you’re operating in. They can be easily printed with bespoke designs that ensure that your brand is noticeable and visible among a sea of competitors. They work well for businesses looking to save money on transportation and storage costs, as they cost less than boxes or glass and plastic jars to transport, as well as working effectively in a retail setting as they can be positioned on shelves to make the product stand out.

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