What to look for in quality tea packaging

With cafe culture at an all time high, it’s more important than ever for tea brands to make a statement in a sea of coffee. This means that tea packaging has to not only be functional and practical, but interesting and eye-catching.

At The Bag Broker, we manufacture and supply bags specifically for the coffee and tea industries. To help our clients stay competitive, we focus on delivering high-quality bags and pouches within fast turnaround times, and maintaining fair pricing with low minimum-order quantities.

If you’re looking for tips that will help your tea packaging deliver everything it needs to and more, here’s our advice.

1 – Be conscious of your materials

The best material for your tea packaging might vary depending on how much time you expect there to be between you packing it and your customer enjoying it. Materials like foil and metalized composites will seal-in freshness for longer than a simple paper bag.

2 – Consider sustainability

Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact, so if your business tries to be good to the earth, it’s time to promote it. If you’re keen to avoid using any kind of foil or composite material, we offer the unique True Bio Bag, which is completely biodegradable.

3 – Is it air tight?

Like many food products, exposure to moisture and oxygen can cause the quality of tea to deteriorate. Choosing a bag with a zip closure will allow your customer to open and re-close their bag of tea while keeping it as fresh as possible.

4 – Make your product stand up for itself

It’s common to find tea sold in boxes or tins, so if you’re opting for a bag, at least make sure it’s self-standing.

5 – Check that your branding pops

The material you select for your tea packaging will have an effect on how your labels or branding stands out on the shelf. Make sure the material and your label are both consistent with your brand personality. If you want to move away from the rustic appeal of labels and opt for a more professional finish to compete with bigger brands you can talk to us about the professional printing service we offer.

More information

For more details about high-quality coffee packaging, take a look at our range of stock bags or send your questions to bags@thebagbroker.com.

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