How to design the perfect coffee bag

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Packaging coffee is a big undertaking that should benefit both the business and the consumer. It offers an opportunity to represent your brand in the best possible way and also ensures that the coffee within stays fresh. Combining your passion for coffee, the unique offerings you provide as a business and a design that entices customers to choose your product requires plenty of research. In this guide, we’ll take you through some useful tips for how to design the perfect coffee bag.

Consider flexible packaging

An increasing trend for coffee producers is to opt for flexible packaging that is lightweight and easy to transport. Flexible packaging, like flat pouches, are also easier to display on shelves, as they can be stacked easily. This type of packaging is a cost-effective solution compared to rigid options, and it delivers greater protection against moisture which keeps the product fresher for longer. The nature of flexible packaging means it’s ideal for printing your logo and messaging onto, so it also serves as a great marketing tool in combination with more attractive packaging. The packaging you choose should also provide convenience to your customer, as well as to stores selling your products. Resealable packs, for example, make it easier for customers to keep the product fresh after they’ve opened the packet.

Choose a minimal layout

Over the years, coffee packaging has become more minimalistic and customers seem to be more likely to choose a coffee brand that has a neat and simple design over one which is cluttered with information on the packet. A simple design clarifies your message and communicates the information more effectively, which is why so many brands are opting for this type of design. The better your design, the more succinctly you’ll be able to get your brand message across to potential customers. It provides them with a visual cue of your brand’s values and the unique selling points that will encourage them to make a purchase.

Focus on sustainability

Eco-friendly alternatives have become a high priority for so many brands in recent years, in a bid to create a greener and less polluted world. Coffee manufacturers are just as much responsible for where their packaging ends up as other businesses are. So, making the switch to a sustainable alternative can help to boost your green credentials as a business and puts your brand in a more positive light with consumers. With customers less likely to choose a non-recyclable option which poses a threat to the planet, focusing on sustainability is more important than ever for growing your business and expanding your reach. Think about the use of raw materials, and how they will be disposed of when the customer is finished with the product. A coffee bag should strive to be made of materials other than plastic and create minimal damage to the environment.

Consider the design carefully

The design of your product matters even more within the coffee industry, as customers tend to form an opinion of the quality based on the typography, logo and general style of the packaging. So, it’s important to choose wisely. You need to highlight the different features of the product, from the roast and flavours to the grind of the coffee. You also need to include the country of origin, as coffee is grown in several countries and some areas are better suited to growing flavourful coffee than others. The country of origin is an important signifier of the quality of the coffee you’re selling, so it should be a highlight of your design. Consistency is also key – you want a consumer to be able to spot your brand instantly and to identify your products easily through your design.


There’s a lot to consider when creating the packaging for your coffee, from the materials you choose to the size and shape, and the design features. Understanding what customers look for when choosing coffee can help you design a bag that meets the need of your target consumers and encourages an increase in sales, helping you to expand your business. For more information about creating the ideal coffee bag for your product, why not get in touch with The Bag Broker? We are specialists in the supply of high-quality packaging, and we offer fully customisable packaging options to suit your requirements.
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