Rollstock rewind film for packaging machines​​ - An affordable packaging solution

To stay competitive in the marketplace and increase throughput, many coffee and food manufacturers are turning to rollstock films as an alternative to their traditional packaging. These films allow for the direct application of labels and graphics with a minimum amount of waste, resulting in faster processing and packing times.

But which type of film should you use? And how can you tell which type is the right one for your packing operation? Keep reading to learn more about this important packaging technology.

What is Rollstock film?

Rollstock Packaging Machine Film is a type of laminated film that is often used with formfillseal machinery (FFS). These machines can be used to shape the roll stock and to create sealed bags. The film is typically wound around a paperboard core (cardboard core, kraft core).

The film is commonly converted to single usestickpacks or bags for convenient onthego use for consumers. Examples include instant coffee stickpacks, various fruit snack bags, singleuse dressing packets and coffee bags.

What are the benefits of using Rollstock film?

The primary benefit of using rollstock film and a FFS machine is convenience and ease of use. Some products are small and while it’s convenient for the end customer to use, it wouldn’t be very productive to fill and seal them by hand.

There are a number of benefits in using rollstock film and FFS machines:

  • Low costs. Even high quality compostable films will have a lower cost making them very affordable when compared to preformed bags.
  • Lead time. Since we are not forming the bags, the lead time to create rollstock is much lower than the lead time for bags.
  • Branding flexibility. High quality, multi colour printing and intricate designs are not an issue when it comes to customised rollstock.
  • Materials flexibility. We offer a wide variety of materials from compostable, recyclable, redcycle materials in Australia to classic 3 layer materials. We can use FSC certified kraft paper, matt LLDPE, shiny, transparent and many more options to make sure you get the packaging you desire.

Rollstock for any industry

Rollstock films have a wide application for the food industry, makeup, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and many more.

Some industries can require a higher protective barrier and laminated films. This will help protect your product from oxygen and moisture which can degrade the quality of your product. In the coffee industry, the film can also protect from light which can also quickly degrade the quality of the coffee.

Different industries will require specific materials. Some will work better for some applications and there are also regulatory considerations to keep in mind.

Some rollstock films to consider:

  • Films for VFFS – vertical form, fill and seal machines
  • Films for HFFS – horizontal form, fill and seal machines
  • Films with zipper
  • Nylon barrier films
  • Metallized films (for example coffee bags with VMPET barrier)
  • Laminated films
  • Pouch films
  • Stick pack films
  • and more.

What is an impression?

Before a bag is formed, we refer to it as an “impression” on the rollstock.

It is important to consider the specifications of your FFS machine when requesting a quotation. The thickness of the film will affect the cost and the barrier properties. The core size has to fit your machine, some films need a higher heat resistance.


Sustainable rollstock packaging

We offer eco-friendly packaging options made from sustainable materials. You can read more about our compostable and recyclable films by visiting our Materials page.

We believe in transparency when it comes to the materials we use to make our eco-friendly packaging. When you buy from The Bag Broker, you can rest assured that your custom coffee bags can be recyclable, compostable and carbon neutral. Our bags are powered by plants and our ongoing research and development means we’re always working with new technology to bring you innovative materials of a higher standard at a lower cost.

Tell your story with custom printing

We specialise in custom printing for your business in order to put your identity on the front of your bags. Regardless of whether you’re a food company or a coffee company – our printing service is here to help you to build your brand from the bottom up with flexible packaging solutions and bespoke bags tailored to your needs.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or if you have a custom design in mind, don’t hesitate to ask for a free quotation.