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The Bag Broker EU

A new and inventive way to showcase your products

Showcase your products with a clear side box bottom bag

Showing off your goods.

People buy what they see. This is the reason we market our open window bags and clear stand up pouches – however, people want to see products in different ways. Sometimes a clear bag will show your product exactly as it is, with all the focus on the product. Sometimes, you want a window, giving the customer a peek, while keeping most of the bag opaque.

We at The Bag Broker are now launching a new clear side box bottom bag, which will show off the product inside in a new and inventive way. From the front it looks like a regular box bottom bag made from natural kraft; however, the sides are clear. It is not as brashly visible as an all clear bag, so it invites the customer to be intrigued, to pick up the bag, to look further at it while getting familiar with what they can see of the contents, and to start taking ownership of it that way.

We are launching it in our best-selling 250g format, in 3 colours, which are white kraft for a white clean smooth look, a classic brown kraft, and finally a black kraft, which is a new exciting look. They will be in stock shortly and available for sale.